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Citroen C1 PureTech 85 Flair 4dr Manual – £134.95 inc vat

Finance details**

Contract term: 36 months
Rental profile: 6 + 35
Annual mileage: 10000
35 monthly rentals of: £134.95
Initial rental: £809.70
Processing fee: £300
Finance doc fee: £0.00

 ** Prices are displayed inclusive of VAT

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Why outsource my fleet management?

Why outsource my fleet management?

This is one of the questions I’m asked on a daily basis, and there is a very simple answer – it’s not for everyone!

If you have a couple of vehicles, it’s likely that this simple task can be allocated to someone to look after – the same as having a large number of vehicles being looked after by a dedicated fleet manager.

But what happens if you fall into that band between 5-10 and 80-100 vehicles?

Time and time again I’ve seen a Finance Manager, or HR Manager, or even an IT Manager lumbered with the job alongside their own because there is not enough work to have a dedicated person to manager the fleet. The impact this has on the other manager is immense – drivers calling up to book a service, if they have a flat tyre, and one occasion where the driver didn’t know how to check the tyre pressure at the petrol station!

By outsourcing your fleet management, the pressure will be taken off the other manager, and they will be able to concentrate on their own job and allow the business to grow.

But doesn’t it cost a fortune?

Yes, there is a cost to outsourcing, which is usually included in the monthly price of a contract hire or other funding, or it can be on a separate monthly payment.

However, when using a Fleet Management company, your other manager’s time will be completely freed up, and also there will be a number of savings available to you through discounted products, which almost offsets the charge – I quoted a company last week, and with the discounts they were paying the equivalent of £7 per car per month!

So what can I expect?

A fully managed service will mean that your drivers will speak directly to the management company, so that takes away any problems, servicing calls and other annoyances on a day to day basis.

They will also speak to your drivers at renewal time, providing them with lists, test drives and advice on what would be best for them. The only time you would be involved in this process is confirming the driver’s grade and then signing off the order!  The swap would also be taken care of, making sure your drivers stay mobile with the minimum downtime.

The management company would also be expected to highlight any upcoming problems, such as a driver going over mileage, an MOT booking and a hundred other problems – this would also reduce cost to the business.

You can also expect the management company to book daily rental vehicles, provide accurate CO2/P11d information on demand and other reporting as necessary.

Why FleetBooster?

At FleetBooster, we believe in giving real customer service regardless of the fleet size – indeed we specialise in small fleets, so we can always give the best in customer service.

We also believe we offer the best value for money package on the market – with the discounts we can provide, the service that we give and the VAT saving – call me for a quote and see what the saving would be for your business!

Simon Mynott

01458 555070



VW Up! 1.0TSI Move Up! 3 or 5 door cars – SEPT STOCK SPECIAL – £99+vat p/m

3 year contract. Business lease 3+35 10k mpa. VERY limited stock. Ends 30/9/16.


VW Scirocco 2.0TDI BMT GT 3dr Manual – £239+vat p/m

Business lease. 6+35 10k mpa = £239+vat p/m. Includes metallic paint. Other terms and mileages available!


STOCK CARS! Vauxhall Mokka 1.7CDTi 136 s/s SE FWD Manual – £179+VAT P/M

Business lease 6+35 10k mpa = £179 +vat p/m 3 year contract 6+35 10k mpa. Metallic paint.


One car only! – BMW 420D M Sport Gran Coupe 4dr Auto

Business lease – 6+35 10k mpa = £365+vat p/m


2 DAYS ONLY! Skoda Octavia 2.0TDI Scout 4×4 Estate – £169.99+vat p/m

Business lease – 6+23 10k mpa = £169.99. FREE metallic paint. September delivery.


New VED Rates – April 2017 on – How is the change going to impact on Contract Hire prices?

New VED Rates – April 2017 on

How is the VED change going to impact on Contract Hire prices?

Currently, VED is charged on the basis of the vehicles CO2 emissions – this is not going to change, as all new cars will be taxed based on the emissions, however this will be for the first year only*. After the first year, every vehicle, with the exception of 0 g/km CO2, will be charged at a rate of £140 per year*.

Therefore, fleet managers will find, on the whole, that the cost of contract hire will shoot up – please see the table below (shortened version up to 150g/km CO2)

CO2                 2016 1st Year   2016 Standard             2017 1st Year*             2017 Standard*


0                      £0                    £0                                £0                                £0


1-50                 £0                    £0                                £10                              £140


51-75               £0                    £0                                £25                              £140


76-90               £0                    £0                                £100                            £140


91-100             £0                    £0                                £120                            £140


101-110           £0                    £20                              £140                            £140


111-120           £0                    £30                              £160                            £140


121-130           £0                    £110                            £160                            £140


131-140           £130                £130                            £200                            £140


141-150           £145                £145                            £200                            £140

*Vehicles with a P11D price of over £40,000 will attract a supplement of £310 per year for the first 5 years where the standard rate is paid


Does this affect my current fleet?

No – this is only for vehicles that are registered after 1st April 2017

Will this increase the cost of my lease?

For a current lease – No. For future leases, if the vehicle you are looking at is currently under 100g/km C02, then you could be looking at an additional £12 per month – if the car is between 121 and 150 g/km of CO2 then the difference in negligible, and there will be a difference for those in between. That is unless you have a company car with a P11D of over £40,000.

So what happens if my car is worth over £40,000??

Then a supplement of £310 per year will go onto the cost of the lease – approx. £26 per month on top of any additional VED that occurs because of the tax changes.

So how can we reduce the impact?

Easy answer – speak to Fleetbooster. Our experienced Account Managers can advise on the potential impact of the new VED regime, and assist customers in making the right choice for their business. All part of the service on our Premium Contract Management service!

Contact us today to enquire about our management services – 01273 900 204


5 stock cars! Mercedes-Benz GLA200d AMG Line Manual – £245+vat p/m

Business lease. 6+23 10k mpa. 5 cars only on this offer – be quick!